Networking Cabling:

Computer Cable Installation Co.'s Networking Services offer turn-key network cabling solutions.

Our experts can provide the following networking services:

Wired & Wireless

It's not always easy to choose the most suitable networking structure, copper, fiber or wireless. With our extensive experience, Computer Cable Installation Co. simplifies the task for you. For the most part, wired networks are still the natural choice for offices with existing networks or organizations moving into buildings with structured copper and fiber cabling. In general, wired networks are faster, more reliable, and more secure than wireless networks. However, business wireless networks are growing in popularity because they are portable and flexible. Computer Cable Installation Co. may recommend wireless networks for a specific office network application, such as training rooms, temporary staff, or outside sales personnel needing temporary access to the network or internet.


Local Area Networks (LANs) and Wide Area Networks (WANs) are generic terms referring to two important basic types of networks. LANS may be thought of as a bunch of lines connecting users together. WANS may be thought of as a bunch of lines connecting cities together. If you want global email and web access, you will need a WAN connection. Computer Cable Installation Co. believes that a good networking design must answer both the LAN and WAN needs of its customers and their users.
Prior to making recommendations, Computer Cable Installation Co. learns about your organizations plans for the future. These plans greatly influence the considerations necessary to construct a network design that is a long-term and cost-effective foundation for your organizations future. A proper network configuration implemented at an early stage in the company's development will enable growth without reconstructing the network design. If, for example, your organization had the ability to upgrade your WAN service without changing your LAN configuration, this could potentially be a very large cost-saving factor for your organization.

Cabling: Fiber, Copper

The backbone of any network is the copper and fiber cable infrastructure. The integrity, reliability, response time, and return on investment (ROI) of your network are determined by the quality of the cable and the infrastructure installation. The ROI of your infrastructure also relates to the efficiency in managing the connectivity as stations move and hardware is upgraded. The cable infrastructure should be easily determined by instituting a cable management system. This management system allows the staff to locate problems and solve them in an expedient manner as well as facilitate changes to the network hardware.

Computer Cable Installation Co. can assist you in making the appropriate choice for your network cable infrastructure. Our experts will assist you in determining whether a fiber optic or a copper backbone is applicable for your needs. This decision will often depend on your current network, your future networking needs, and your particular application, including bandwidth, distances, environment, cost, and more. In some cases, copper may be a better choice; in other situations, fiber offers advantages. Fiber provides greater bandwidth than copper and is immune to many environmental factors that affect copper. However, installation costs for fiber are higher than that of copper. In the long run, fiber costs less to maintain. Computer Cable Installation Co. can help you sort out these and other considerations to make the cabling choice that's right for you.